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Chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and nerve pain can severely impact your quality of life and contribute to mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. At Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy in Chicago, the team offers therapies and stress management both in the office and in the comfort of your own home to help you cope with your pain and relieve your mental health symptoms and achieve better stress management skills. Call Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy or make an appointment online today.

Stress Management

What is chronic pain?

Pain is your body’s response to injury or illness, warning you that something is wrong and you need to take care of your body. In most cases, your pain subsides as you recover. Chronic pain lasts for months or even years. Often, instead of being related to a specific injury or condition, chronic pain is caused by errant pain signals traveling along the nerve pathways between your brain and body.

Chronic pain can interfere with your life and regular activities, making it painful for you to walk or stand. You can end up feeling isolated and trapped in your home or lose hope that you will ever feel well again.

What is the connection between chronic pain and mental health?

Approximately 25% of people who live with chronic pain develop chronic pain syndrome (CPS) which compounds your pain with psychological symptoms including depression and anxiety. When you’ve been living with pain for months or years, and no treatment or therapy has provided relief, you may end up feeling like you’ll never feel well again, which can take a toll on your mental health and lead to anxiety and depression.

How are chronic-pain related mental health issues treated?

The team at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy offers highly personalized treatment and stress management skills for chronic pain-related mental health issues. In addition to medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and lifestyle modifications for depression and anxiety, the team provides in-home therapy to ensure that your pain or disability doesn’t prevent you from getting the mental health care services you need.

The team also works closely with your other physicians to ensure that your prescriptions don’t have contraindications which could impact their effectiveness or cause intolerable side effects.

What is stress management?

Stress management refers to the tools and techniques that help you alleviate and control your stress. Monthly bills, work deadlines, and the demands at home can all lead to stress. But you may also experience stress from:

  • Chronic pain
  • Physical and mental illness
  • Being a caregiver

Stress may be a fact of life, but the team at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy can teach you how to take control of your stress so that it no longer feels like it’s controlling you.

Call Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about how the team can help you with chronic pain-related mental health issues and stress management.