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Being in a relationship requires trust, compromise, and patience. It’s not uncommon to disagree with your partner, but if you’re having an especially difficult time getting along, you may benefit from professional help. The team at Custom Access Psychiatry in Chicago specializes in relationship issues and can help you and your partner work together to better understand each other and improve communication. To schedule a consultation, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Relationship Issues Q&A

When should I get help for my relationship issues?

It’s not always easy to know if it’s the right time for you to get help with your relationship, especially if your partner isn’t fully on board with the idea of professional help. But there are a few relationship issues that benefit from professional counseling, including:

Lost of trust

If you or your partner have lost trust in your relationship or with each other, whether from an affair or some other form of deception, then it can affect the foundation of your relationship. Talking to one of the professionals at Custom Access Psychiatry can help you and your partner share your concerns about the relationship issues in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Poor communication

Not being able to talk to your partner can make you feel lonely and disconnected. Maybe it’s because you feel as though your words go unheard or your partner seems distant. The specialists at Custom Access Psychiatry can help you and your partner develop skills to improve your communication to resolve underlying relationship issues.

Frequent arguments

It’s normal to disagree with your partner, but if you’re arguing more often or the arguments tend to circle around the same topic, then it may be time to get help from the team at Custom Access Psychiatry. They can help you identify the true source of your disagreements and help you work through it or find more effective ways of communicating with each other.

You may also want to seek help for your relationship issues if it just seems as though something is off. Talking things through with an independent third party may help you and your partner reconnect.

Does my partner need to come to counseling?

When it comes to getting help for your relationship issues, it’s best that you and your partner come together. But if your partner is reluctant to start counseling, it’s acceptable for you to come in by yourself.

In many cases, relationship issues develop due to dysfunctional patterns. Your specialist at Custom Access Psychiatry can help you break the pattern of dysfunction and provide you with the tools you need for more empathetic, open communication.

What can I expect during relationship counseling?

Your counseling session is unique to you and your relationship. You and your partner meet with your specialist at Custom Access Psychiatry and work together to create a treatment plan aimed at your relationship goals. In addition to acting as a mediator, your counselor also provides you with the tools you need to work through your relationship issues.

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