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Not being able to leave your house, whether from a physical restriction or a mental condition, can be a Catch-22; it can keep you from going to the health professionals you need to see to treat your medical and physical restrictions. But you don’t have to go without care just because you can’t leave your home. The team at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy in Chicago offers in-home therapy to those with medical and physical restrictions. To learn more about the in-home therapy program, call the office today or request a consultation online.

Medical and Physical Restrictions

What are medical and physical restrictions?

Medical and physical restrictions refer to issues that make it hard for you to get the medical care you need due to limitations in your abilities. These primarily refer to people who can’t leave the house due to:

  • Agoraphobia
  • Anxiety
  • Physical restrictions
  • Weakness or illness

Medical and physical restrictions also refer to seniors who are homebound. You may also have a difficult time getting the help you need if you don’t have access to transportation.

You don’t have to forego getting the medical help you need because of your physical or medical restriction. The team at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy can provide therapy at your home.

How can medical and physical restrictions affect mental health?

Not being able to leave your house due to a medical or physical restriction can be a blight on your mental and emotional health. You may feel as though you’ve lost your independence or feel a sense of loneliness from being homebound. In turn, these emotions can lead to feelings of sadness and depression.

Homebound seniors are especially vulnerable. It’s not uncommon for a senior who can’t leave the house to develop depression and anxiety or experience a decline in cognitive ability.

If you suffer from agoraphobia — an anxiety disorder that causes fear and panic when you’re in public places — not getting the help you need because you can’t get to your therapist may perpetuate your condition.

What can I expect from in-home therapy?

The in-home therapy provided by the specialists at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy isn’t any different than what you would expect from an in-office visit, except the care is provided in the comfort of your home. Your specialist begins your treatment by first conducting a comprehensive evaluation to assess your mental health, which helps direct your treatment plan.

 Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy offers to counsel individuals and couples and can perform the necessary therapy wherever you feel most comfortable. You can expect regular appointments set scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

You don’t need to go without the help you need due to your medical or physical restrictions. To learn more about in-home therapy, call Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy today or schedule an appointment online.