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Mental health conditions and related medical issues often make it difficult for you to leave your home to access the mental health care services you need to treat and manage your illness. The team at Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy in Chicago offers in-home therapy services for individuals, couples, and groups to ensure you can get the treatment and care you need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Call Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy or schedule a consultation online today.

In Home Therapy Q&A

What is in-home therapy?

In-home therapy takes place in your home instead of the offices ofCustom Access Psychiatry & Therapy. It’s designed for patients who aren’t able to make it into the office for any reason, including agoraphobia or other types of anxiety, physical disability, or age.Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy provides in-home therapy to help you access the services you need in a convenient manner.

Why is in-home therapy available?

When you have a medical condition or a mental health issue that makes it challenging for you to leave your home, you may not receive the therapy or care you need to treat and manage your mental health. The team atCustom Access Psychiatry & Therapy understands that every patient has unique needs and offers in-home therapy services to help you get the help you need, regardless of your ability to attend appointments outside of your home.

Am I a candidate for in-home therapy?

If you live with a mental health condition or a medical issue that makes leaving your home challenging or induces anxiety (panic attacks) or other symptoms, you may be a candidate for in-home therapy. Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy is committed to providing the services and support your needs in an environment that is safe and comfortable for you. If you’re curious about in-home therapy, call the practice or make an appointment online to learn about your options.

What should I expect from in-home therapy?

In-home therapy mirrors in-office therapy. The main difference is the location where you receive your care. Your provider begins your treatment with a comprehensive assessment to build a detailed understanding of your mental health as well as your physical health and lifestyle.

Your evaluation may include a conversation in which you and our team member provider complete a questionnaire. Depending on your condition, you may have a more specific psychiatric assessment.

Following your assessment, our psychiatrist and team with create an individual care plan and schedule in-home therapy sessions with you. Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy offers therapy for individuals, couples, and groups, depending on your needs. Your psychiatrist and therapist can come to your home for your appointments, and you can talk and explore your mental health where you feel most comfortable. Depending on your needs, you may have weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments.

If you’re interested in receiving in-home therapy, call Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy or make an appointment online today.