Katarzyna Fergemann, MA, LPC

Therapist located in The Loop, Chicago, IL

About Kathy Fergemann

     Kathy has extensive experience providing clinical care to a wide variety of people.  Stress, conflict, and trauma affect individuals of all ages while the nature of these untoward events varies at various life stages.  Kathy’s work with couples and families kindled her desire to offer useful conflict resolution mediation to couples going through a divorce, which is one of life’s most difficult experiences.  To accomplish her goal, Kathy has become a divorce mediator

     Kathy graduated with her Master’s Degree in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  During her professional education she focused on developing extensive clinical skills in the area of stress, conflict, and trauma.  In addition, she focused on forensic psychology, a field that deals with conflict, stress, and injury among individuals involved in various legal predicaments.  Kathy joins Custom Access Psychiatry with over 10 years of clinical experience as a clinician as well as a mediator for couples going through a divorce. Kathy trained comprehensively in Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectic Behavioral, and Exposure therapies.  She is a trained and certified mediation professional.

      Kathy is ready to work with you as you struggle with painful and often demoralizing stress, conflict, and trauma.