Alexander E. Obolsky, MD

Medical Director & Psychiatrist located in The Loop, Chicago, IL

About Dr. Obolsky

     Dr. Alexander Obolsky is the founder of Custom Access Psychiatry & Therapy with over 30 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist taking care of individuals and couples. Dr. Obolsky is a physician who works closely with his patients to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis, developing a plan of care and coordinating patient’s care with other healthcare providers. In addition to medication management, Dr. Obolsky also provides psychotherapy. His clinical focus is on trauma-related psychiatric disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, interpersonal stress, and stress brought on by chronic medical conditions.

     Dr. Obolsky is board certified in general, addictions and forensic psychiatry. He has been an academic, a public sector and private practice clinician. He is a recognized expert in identifying and treating emotional injuries brought on by physical trauma, “invisible” chronic medical illnesses, pain, and brain injury.

     Dr. Obolsky focuses on four functions of improvement: adjustment, accommodation, coping skills, and learning how to live with a new condition after injury or illness.

     Dr. Obolsky received both his undergraduate, medical, and post-graduate degrees at Northwestern University. He is on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and NorthShore University System. He is a consultant to the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. He is a tireless teacher of medical students and practicing clinicians nationally and internationally.

     Dr. Obolsky oversees clinical aspects of patient care and works closely with CAP’s psychologist, therapists, and the nurse.