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Also known as Fitness for Duty (FFD). Do you have an employee or are you an employee who has been struggling to accomplish their daily job duties, or you have found that they had interpersonal relationship struggles with their co-workers? If so you or they may require a Fitness for Duty evaluation which consists of a record review and interview with Dr. Obolsky to determine if some accommodations can be made for the employee including but not limited to psychiatric treatment.

Special Needs School Accommodations: We offer a wide range of services to students in need of school accommodations due to medical and/or mental health challenges which interfere with school performance. We assist with researching and writing accommodations for IEPs and 504 plans, attend school staffing meetings, assist with medical record summaries for schools in preparation for case study evaluations and school staffings, and will guide you through record gathering in order to strengthen your case for a case study evaluation and an IEP/504 meeting.

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